What your coffee says about your character

Date Posted:6 November 2015 

We think you can tell a lot about someone by their relationship with their daily cup. Do you like the simple things in life or prefer things sweet foamy and a little complicated?

We called upon our cafe crew to note their observations on the personality traits of coffee drinkers.  And for a little fun, here are their conclusions - enjoy!


Short Black

You’re in control of your own destiny and would often be described as a go-getter. You find decision making easy and your colleagues see you as a leader rather than a follower. You can sometimes struggle with change but will rise to meet it when the time comes.



Loved by everyone, you truly are a social butterfly!  It wouldn’t be uncommon for you to be chatting on the phone to a friend while finishing your coffee. You keep up to date with the latest trends and take great pride in your appearance. You get very passionate about things and won’t back down if you believe in something, even if it means treading on a few toes.



Chances are you were a cheeky child who never fully grew out of it. Your friends would describe you as a fun loving prankster. However, you do have a more serious side and details are important to you. You like things precise and when it comes to your work you are meticulous. Your quick witted and well liked by your work colleagues.


Flat White

You love making lists and are an incredibly organised person. You’re not afraid to speak up if you think there is a more efficient way to do things. The term work hard, play hard applies to you. You’re a workaholic by day but come 5 o’clock you transform into the life of the party. 



You’re a bit of a perfectionist and love being in control. People may be envious of how ‘together’ your life seems. Your health is important to you and you believe in the power of a good nights sleep. You’re a hard worker and excel at everything you do.