Cold Brew: The Drink Of Summer

Date Posted:17 November 2015 

We’ve been holding out all through winter waiting for the hot weather to return so we can enjoy our favourite beverage in its icy, chilled form! Nothing can quench your thirst on a steamy summers day quite like a cold brew can.

We’re so excited to be welcoming this drink back into our lives that we’ve even put together a list of our five favourite things we love about cold brew!

After reading our list there will be no denying, cold brew is the drink of summer.


  1. It tastes divine!  The coffee grounds soak in cold water for at least 12 hours, producing a fuller flavour with less acidity than regular coffee.
  1. You know it will never be bitter or burnt. Steeping coffee in ice cold water causes a naturally sweet flavour overall.
  1. You can buy multiple cold brews to leave in your fridge at home. This means a professionally made coffee every day!
  1. Cold brew usually comes in a convenient bottle meaning you can enjoy it any time, any place. Take one to the beach or on a hike up a mountain, anywhere normal coffee could never go.
  1. It has many uses. Add a cold brew to your breakfast cereal for a caffeine hit, freeze it to make coffee ice cubes or use it as an ingredient when making baked goods such as coffee brownies- YUM!


If that all sounds pretty good to you then come into our flagship café and try one of our amazing VIVO Coffee cold brews for yourself! Show us how much you love drinking our cold brew by sharing a photo of you and your cold brew via #drinkofsummer.