Our Coffee and Blends


Vivo Coffee is a premium and award-winning supplier of coffee blends, equipment and retail products. Our high-grade beans have been blended and roasted with love and care right here in Brisbane.

Our beans are available in four blends; VIVO Venezia, VIVO Verona, VIVO Volterra and VIVO Decaf. We also have a selection of single origin beans, which include Brazilian, Colombian, Kenyan and Nicaraguan.

Our beans can be ground for your needs from plunger to stovetop or even domestic espresso machines. 




VIVO Venezia

This sweet, full-bodied blend owes its toffee tones to the careful blending of 100% Arabica beans sourced from Indonesia, Tanzania, Brazil and Nicaragua. Well suited for many of the shorter or black style coffees. 

VIVO Verona:

Drawing from all corners of the coffee growing world, this blend combines the strength of coffee from Colombia, Indonesia, Tanzania and Ethiopia with a typically velvety African coffee finish. This coffee offers distinct caramel notes with an underlying nutty earthiness that completes the VIVO experience.

VIVO Organic:

A unique blend of 100% organic certified beans, selected from around the globe including Papua New Guinea, Colombia, Nicaragua, Brazil, Guatemala and Indonesia. It has a light, sweet and nutty aroma, with notes of Cocoa and a sweet finish. Balanced acidity and a medium body make this a must try in any appliance.

VIVO Volterra / Rainforest Alliance:

All beans used in this blend are 100% Rainforest Alliance Certified beans sourced from premium suppliers in Papua New Guinea, Sumatra, Brazil, Guatemala, El Salvador and Zambia. It is full bodied with plum flavours and fruity notes.

VIVO Decaf:

All beans used in this blend are 100% Rainforest Alliance Certified, Mexican organic beans. This blend has been naturally decaffeinated by the chemical free water method.




From the Northern Rivers district of NSW, this blend is rich and fruity with a slight citrus aspect. A medium-bodied, velvety taste with a medium acidity. 


This coffee yields a well-balanced acidic, bittersweet brew. You will experience a pleasant aroma and a full-bodied flavour in this premium coffee.  Rainforest Alliance Certified.


A well-rounded complex coffee with a sweet chocolate flavour and wonderful aroma. This bean yields a rich flavour and excellent balance.

Costa Rican

Grown in the region of Tarrazu, you will find this bean produces a "bright" coffee, medium in acidity with a medium to heavy body and a rich distinctive finish.


Quite a sharp coffee, with a high acidity, excellent body and notable sweet, nutty and wine-like flavours.


Continually regarded as one of the best coffees, this is an elegant medium-bodied coffee with clean, crisp flavour, low acidity and is extremely smooth.